Hot Tar Roofing

A Better Roofing Company is one of a few companies that offer hot tar roofing in the Bay Area. Hot tar roofing or built-up roofing comprises several alternating layers of rolled out fiberglass based materials and hot aspalt. The first step of the process is to apply a layer “base sheet” to the prepared surface using mechinical fasteners. This layer serves as a buffer between the structure and the roofing material as well as providing a high quality surface on which to bond the roofing.

The next step is to apply an asphalt-impregnated roll of fiberglass to the base sheet using hot asphalt which melts and bonds with the asphalt in the fiberglass, effectively binding them into one. This step is repeated two to five times depending on the desired effect.



Advantages of a hot tar roof

1. Longer system life-Each ply contains a mat of glass fiber reinforcement and when multiple piles are combined and sandwiched between layers of water resistant asphalt, the result is a longer lasting roof.

2. Limited Roof Movement-Although all roofs expand and contract a hot tar roof however limits movement with a high tensile strength in excess of the recommended 200 lbs/sq in. The potential for fracturing is more or less eliminated, and the Built-Up Roof will last longer.

3. Superior Water Resistance-Single ply membranes only offer one chance at preventing a leak while a multiple layers of concrete and fiberglass offers up to five times greater water resistance thickness.

4. Easier installation-Unlike single ply roofing, which requires ballast or fasteners because they are generally laid loose, the multiple plies in hot tar roofing are fused together allowing an easier installation.